Wheel Status

We provide wheel builds for following platforms:

  • Linux-amd64

  • Windows-x86_64

  • macOS-universal2 (x86_64 + arm64)

Wheels for Linux are supported (we will fix bugs and problems when reported). Wheels for Windows are supported in best-effort manner (we will try to fix bugs when reported, but that can take unspecified amount of time). Wheels for macOS are not supported and we welcome contributions for them.


We build wheels only for amd64 (x86_64) architecture at the moment. Wheels for Linux are built with Profiled-Guided Optimizations and will probably be faster than installations which are manaully-built from the source package. Wheels are built using manylinux container and should be compatible with most of distributions.


Builds for Windows are built witout PGO, but should work as if you have built the wheels yourself. We don’t provide builds for x86 architecture.


The situation is similar to Windows, but these builds are tested even less. We provide universal2 builds which should work both on Intel and ARM-based Macs, but ARM-based builds are not tested in CI and are provided on best effort basis.